UNSW Canberra have established Launch on Northbourne, a Defence and Security Innovation Space in the Canberra City.
Launch is host to three floors of collaborative work spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, event and makerspaces.
Innovation is one of the most significant sources of sustainable competitive advantage and that’s why we saw the need for a dedicated innovation space that will allow academics, businesses, government and the ACT community to come together to develop defence and security capability, talent and technology.
Launch on Northbourne will provide start-ups, enterprises, associations, academics and alumni countless opportunities for collaboration.
The space will be an innovative, secure and social environment dedicated to the cultivation of relationships and collaborations.
UNSW Canberra Launch


Launch is an innovative, secure, and social environment. The model is centred around collaboration and co-working. Industry, government, and University will work side-by-side.


UNSW Canberra encourages interaction between tenants through the use of purpose-designed share zones. Collaboration networking events will be held regularly.


UNSW is committed to improving capability for the long-term interests of Australia. Launch will allow industry experts to collaborate and work toward the common goal of Australia’s Defence mission.


The space is designed to be flexible, offering a co-working environment, private offices, group suites and breakout areas. Launch on Northbourne is fitted-out with premium facilities and spaces suitable to the needs of any organisation – large or small.


Launch is located on Northbourne Avenue, just a 2-minute drive to the city centre. The site sits on the light-rail corridor and is within walking distance to Braddon’s entertainment and restaurant district.


Collaborators are more than just tenants – they make up the ecosystem of start-ups, associations, academics and enterprises that provide countless opportunities.

Our Vision


To establish stronger links between high calibre research, industry, start-ups and individuals in an innovative, collaborative and contemporary environment with multiple levels of office security. The defence and security innovation space will facilitate new connections in the sector, fostering powerful collaborations and contributing to the advancement of Australia’s defence and security capabilities.

For more information about UNSW Canberra Launch Northbourne or associated events, get in touch with our team.

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Industry Networks
UNSW industry partners are already enjoying early access to new research, technology and talent, benefiting from our established networks, technical infrastructure and experience in collaboration and innovation.
The UNSW Canberra concept for Launch on Northbourne is explained in a body of work completed by the Brookings Institute in 2014. The Rise of Innovation Districts discusses a world-wide trend in the development of innovation districts.
Processes for innovating across the globe have changed. Formerly isolated industries and communities are evolving to more collaborative spaces in urban areas, to better enable cross-sector innovation, research and problem-solving.
In an industry first for Australia, UNSW Canberra invite defence and security industry, start-ups and entrepreneurs to join UNSW Canberra in a new innovation ecosystem.
The backbone of innovation districts is the ability to tap in to a network of innovators, researchers, thought leaders and existing commercial expertise.
Launch will offer opportunities to share infrastructure and ideas, to socialise and network with complementary entities and individuals and to pool resources.
Launch on Northbourne will build off a successful base of established activity, talent and infrastructure that is maintained by UNSW Canberra at ADFA and the greater UNSW network.
Operations at Launch on Northbourne will host the predecessing model to the future UNSW Canberra Defence and Security Innovation Precinct which will form part of the new UNSW Canberra City campus.


Launch on Northbourne will facilitate an innovative environment for both established businesses and startups in an collaborative space, with modern facilities including:

  • Regular networking events
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Purpose-designed spaces to cater to research and development needs
  • Bookable breakout spaces, meeting rooms and presentation facilities
  • High speed Internet
  • Access to showers, irons and hair dryers
  • On-site barista coffee machines
UNSW Canberra Launch


A focus on defence and security innovation aligns with the UNSW 2025 strategy.

UNSW  is committed to improving capability for the long-term interests of Australia. Launch on Northbourne will provide access to world-class facilities and infrastructure that will be cross-utlilised by tenants at Launch alongside UNSW research teams.

Facilities include a Cyber Range, Concurrent Design Facility,  access to the UNSW Canberra Technical Support Group (TSG),  extensive academic databases and other useful resources.

Incubator for defence, security, cyber and space start-ups

A key UNSW Canberra initiative is to play an integral role in nurturing start-ups in the defence and security industries. As part of the Launch on Northbourne concept, we are inviting applications from start-ups interested in incubating their research and ideas with us and other partners at Northbourne. Curation of these start-ups is underway, contact for more information.