CBR Cyber join Launch on Northbourne

CBR Cyber join Launch on Northbourne

CBR Cyber, a cyber security consulting and services company, is the latest business to join the Launch on Northbourne family.

With a background in IT, founders Paul St Ledger and Mike Donaldson aim to fill a gap in the market, equipping local organisations with the skills and solutions required to strengthen their cyber security infrastructure in a rapidly changing world.

“We’ve got a mission to one-by-one make Canberra businesses and government more secure – that’s our goal, that’s what we want to do – we want to go into the market and do that little-by-little, project-by-project,” Mr St Ledger said.

Launching in 2020, CBR Cyber’s suite of products and services aimed at solving the challenges of remote work and cloud adoption is particularly relevant.

“We have built a cloud native business with security integrated into our systems from day one,” Mr Donaldson said.

“The recent economic and social changes are speeding up the adoption of cloud and innovative solutions, but for many of our customers legacy on-premise systems and infrastructure is the reality they work with every day.

“We are building our team to assist our customers with the transition to the cloud while supporting their existing business critical on-premise solutions.”

Mr St Ledger said Launch on Northbourne provided an ideal environment for the start-up company.

“We’re in a community of like-mined individuals and backed by a respected and trusted Australian university,” he said.

“As a services company, we thought that we could also help the other Launch businesses penetrate the market with our products and that would be a nice fit.

“As we grow and build our company it will be very advantageous to be around other cyber start-ups, especially ones that are doing physical products, and be embedded into the community. That we can be aware of what the market actually wants.”

He is also looking forward to collaborative opportunities that might arise with UNSW Canberra.

“In the future, I see us collaborating with the University to source talent,” Mr St Ledger said.

“We’d like to offer students structured, internship-based programs that offer real-world experience.”

Launch on Northbourne is excited to welcome CBR Cyber to the premises. The start-up company joins an exciting group of innovators including Viden, Terra Schwartz, Skykraft, Social Cyber Group, Penten, Fifth Domain, Cognitive Advantage and Ascent.