UNSW Canberra Launch


A focus on defence and security innovation aligns with the UNSW 2025 strategy.

UNSW  is committed to improving capability for the long-term interests of Australia. Launch on Northbourne will provide access to world-class facilities and infrastructure that will be cross-utlilised by tenants at Launch alongside UNSW research teams.

Facilities include a Cyber Range, Concurrent Design Facility,  access to the UNSW Canberra Technical Support Group (TSG),  extensive academic databases and other useful resources.

Incubator for defence, security, cyber and space start-ups

A key UNSW Canberra initiative is to play an integral role in nurturing start-ups in the defence and security industries. As part of the Launch on Northbourne concept, we are inviting applications from start-ups interested in incubating their research and ideas with us and other partners at Northbourne. Curation of these start-ups is underway, contact for more information.



The UNSW Defence Research Institute delivers world-class defence research to enhance Australia’s security.

As an initiative of UNSW’s 2025 Strategic Plan, the UNSW Defence Research Institute was established to stimulate, unify, and support all defence-related research within the UNSW community while striving to build and maintain a network across both Australian and International defence industries. We operate at the frontiers of science and technology to help deliver transformational innovations that advance Australia’s global capabilities, redefine the modern defence landscape, and change the world for the better.


Identify research opportunities

Coordinate research collaborations

Facilitate stakeholder partnerships

Support to source new funding

Supporting the growth of businesses that employ veterans

As the premier military education institution in Australia and a long-standing member of the ACT business community, UNSW Canberra is unique in its capacity to provide a multi-faceted approach to supporting the employment of veterans. UNSW Canberra shines the light on veteran issues through research and the sponsorship of key events and programs and fosters veteran businesses and start-ups through Launch. The result is a community of organisations which employ a high proportion of veterans, but it is also an environment rich for growth with strong pathways and opportunities for future veteran employment.