The Launch on Northbourne model is centred around collaboration and co-working. Collaborators are more than just tenants. Packages have been designed to cater for a broad range of needs. Teams located both on and off-site are encouraged to make use of the amenities, tools and services unique to the defence and security innovation space.


  • Shared Workspace
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Permanent desk in coworking environment
      • 24/7 access
      • Best suited to start-ups, freelancers, consultants, remote workers and small companies
      • Centred around an open, collaborative working space

  • Private & SME team offices
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Allocated office spaces
      • Spaces available as open or lockable dependent on the needs of the organisation, 24/7 access
      • Designed to suit teams of 1 – 25 people
      • Well suited to project or R&D teams

  • Established office
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Purpose-designed office specific to business needs of company
      • Space unique to the needs of the organisation with prominent signage, 24/7 access
      • Best for teams of 25+, with a space of up to 2000m²
      • Suited to those medium to large enterprises establishing a presence in an iconic defence sector capital

  • Workspace Connect
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Occasional hot desk arrangement
      • Access to use of address for communications and mailing
      • Designed for the committed but casual partner requiring occasional space
      • Access to bookable meeting and event spaces at an arranged cost on needs basis

Launch on Northbourne are currently accepting expressions of interest. Interested businesses are invited to apply for opportunities by contacting Luke Garner at enquiries@canberra.unsw.edu.au. Applications will be considered against criteria that has been set out by UNSW Canberra.