Synergies and the triple helix

Social Cyber

Synergies and the triple helix

Continuing its relationship with UNSW Canberra was a key part of the Social Cyber Group deciding to set up their office at Launch on Northbourne, a collaborative workspace established by the University.

Greg Austin, Research Adviser at Social Cyber Group, said that as a start-up coming out of UNSW Canberra the company wanted to be a part of the exciting future plans of the University, including the proposed Defence and Security Innovation Precinct at UNSW Canberra City.

“The three-way connection between universities, government and industry (the triple helix) has been the driver of technological power and innovation in the United States. We believe that the UNSW Canberra innovation precinct can advance that agenda, for us as well as the country,” he said.

Social Cyber Group have joined a number of local Canberra SME’s at Launch on Northbourne, including Penten, Terra Schwartz, Fifth Domain, Cognitive Advantage and Skykraft, all of whom Professor Austin said the company admires.

“The synergies between the tech-oriented companies located at Launch, and our group, oriented to social sciences, will be substantial. The positioning of our Social Cyber Group alongside the tech start-ups will reinforce the need for ours services as part of adoption of the new technologies developed by our fellow start-ups.”

The Social Cyber Group helps large corporations and government agencies build internal research capacity on social and management issues of cyber security, digital transformation, human resources and ethics.

According to Professor Austin this research capacity has to be an internal function since every large organisation has unique needs and work culture.

“This is a high growth industry, and in Australia the social science dimensions of it are heavily under-researched and not yet as influential as they need to be,” Professor Austin said.

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